Fees/ Insurance

◎Initial visit - 45-60 min

⇒ 8250 yen

including history taking and assessment, physical and chiropractic examinations, posture analysis and obtaining information to build your care plan.


* We mostly focus on and spend time for the assessment at the first visit because the proper assessment is necessary for us to provide the proper treatment. Therefore, the regular treatment will begin at the second visit.

* Our treatment is definitely not just quick popping and cracking type of treatment.


◎Following visits - 20-30 min

⇒ 6600 yen

(chiropractic adjustment, muscle balance care and exercises)


* We suggest your care plan at the second visit.


◎Care plan tickets

⇒ 47520 yen for 8 visits (5940 yen for one session)

* valid for 6 months from the purchased date


Payment method

You can pay with cash or following credit cards:

Visa, Master, Amex, JCB, Diners club or Discover


* Please let us know if you need a receipt. We can provide a hard copy or send it as an email.


Covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, Japanese national health insurance does not cover chiropractic care in Japan. Therefore, you need to pay your own expenses.

*Japanese national health insurance = Kokuminkenkohoken = 国民健康保険


If you are a foreigner and have your coverage by the insurance company in your country, please contact them prior to the visit. It may be covered and reimbursed.


If you are from the United States, some insurance companies cover chiropractic care, so please also check your policy before you visit us.

* For a military personnel, unfortunately the TRICARE doesn't cover chiropractic.



  • Chiropractic adjsutment (Spine and Extremities)
  • Muscle balance care such as muscular/myofascial release
  • IASTM (Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)
  • Home exercises
  • Taping

* Each menu could be provided upon what you need and want.


Cost effectiveness of chiropractic care